my Conscious, uniting patients and psychologists.

The challenge

How to take advantage of telemedicine opportunities to improve the health of Brazilians who need psychological or psychiatric help?

Problem Statement

Possible Solution


Competitive Analysis

Certainties, Assumptions and Doubts


  • Most of my audience was female
  • 19–25 years
  • WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype are the tools most used by psychologists
  • I assumed that both the patients and the psychologists are more available for online appointments. Our surveys surveyed that 86% of psychologists see online, but only 41.7% of patients make an appointment online.
  • I assumed that patients have a hard time finding the right professional. And research has shown that 52% of patients really have a hard time finding the right professional.
  • I assumed that patients and psychologists find it difficult to have an adequate space for teleconsultation. And by research we saw that 48% of psychologists complain about the patient’s environment.


User Personas

User Journey Map


How Might We



Low fidelity prototype

Name and Logo

  • Self-reflection
  • Self-knowledge

Wireframes and Flowchart

First Usability Test

  • Number of participants who encountered a problem: Majority of participants (5 out of 8)
  • Frustration caused by the problem: No participant
  • Difficulty to recover from the problem: No participant
  • The same user encountered the same problem more than once: No participant
  • Problems occurred in critical tasks or critical areas: Never
  • Only 2 of the 8 users navigated the onboarding screen, the others jumped straight to the registration / access screen.
  • 4 out of 8 users experienced some difficulty with the profile customization screen.
  • All 8 users found it difficult to understand the message icon on the home page and on the professional profile screen.

UX Writing

Style Guide

Colors , Typography and Components

High fidelity prototype

Second usability test

  • 19 users out of the 24 managed to carry out the activity of making an appointment with the psychologist Bianca;
  • 11 users out of 24 were able to consult with psychologist Bianca through our “Golden Path” (Main flow of the application) and had direct success.

Conclusion and learnings

  • Listening to users is the best way to validate or not the hypotheses
    Testing and listening to real users is the difference between idea and reality
  • Working as a team enriches the overall learning and consequently makes the project have more body and foundation
  • Take advantage of user feedback — quantitative and qualitative surveys serve to guide the development of the project and avoid rework
  • The project will never be finalized, but improved with each new test




UX Designer, Psicólogo, Gamer e mais.

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Bruno Fonseca

Bruno Fonseca

UX Designer, Psicólogo, Gamer e mais.

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